La Gomera

The island of La Gomera is perhaps the best to see the Laurisilva forests in their least disturbed state.

La Gomera can be visited in a day trip from the main touristic part of Tenerife. There are ferries that run several times daily and this means that La Gomera experiences a surge in daily tourism that affects the quiet of the island starting in mid-morning and ending in late afternoon. This is one advantage of staying on the island – you will have few people on many trails before 10AM and after 4PM. Buses full of tourists arrive at the main high altitude laurisilva trails closer to noon. Some trails through the Laurisilva don’t ever get crowded, as the buses cannot access some narrow roads.

There is one small, but very good botanical/education center that has many of the plant species of La Gomera and other islands identified. This is not heavily visited.

For the most part, the roads on La Gomera travel around the periphery of the island at relatively low altitude. They are very curvy and

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