(to be updated soon for North American April 2024 solar eclipse)

I (MD) have been interested in Astronomy since elementary school, when my older brother and I built several telescopes (and even ground the 6 and 8 inch mirrors!).  However, this website section was initially motivated by the need for information by eclipse-travelers prior to the 2017 total solar eclipse over North America.  Later, we became aware of travel planning for the 2019 total solar eclipse in Chile and Argentina and a section was developed for this event.  Finally, recognizing that there is more to astronomical travel than just going to see total eclipses, we developed a section that covers travel to see the night sky – essentially for amateur astronomers.  This covers aspects of climatology, light pollution, and logistics of travel.  Links to these pages are below.

Astronomy on cruise ships

Solar eclipse April 8 2024 (USA and Mexico)

Solar Eclipse Aug 2017   (Of mostly historical interest now)

The upcoming Chile-Argentina July 2, 2019 solar Eclipse (historical now)

Some thoughts on “After Eclipse” travel in Chile

Sources of weather satellite imagery

Planning astronomical travel

“Convenient” satellite animation sectors

Eclipse Dec 14 2020 Chile-Argentina (historical now)