This section contains information of use to Amateur astronomers who may have an interest in traveling to see solar eclipses or to travel to the Southern Hemisphere to see the southern skies that cannot be seen, or seen well, from the Northern Hemisphere.  This page is an outgrowth of material prepared prior to the 2017 solar eclipse over the USA.  Further discussions have motivated additional material that will be added to this tab.  Currently, there are two pull-down tabs, if you didn’t see them… the links are below:

The upcoming Chile-Argentina eclipse on July 2 2019

and the Aug 21 2017 eclipse over the US (“old news” now, but has some valuable information for planning travel for future eclipses…)

We have just added another tab that discusses planning astronomical travel – especially to the Southern Hemisphere (though the USA is also included) – including South America, Australia, and southern Africa.  It also discusses other non-astronomical aspects of your possible travel.