About this site

After decades of travel to nearly 40 countries, we have decided to put some of our experience in nature-focused travel into a form others can benefit from. This website is one form of that realization.

This name of our website, “The Naturalist’s Travel Page” requires some explanation.  Just what is a naturalist?   One definition of a naturalist is a person who is studies or is otherwise interested in natural history.   But just what is natural history?   One internet definition of natural history is “ The study and description of living things and natural objects, especially their origins, evolution, and relationships to one another”.  Natural history includes many subdisciplines, such as geology, meteorology, botany, zoology.  Each of these major divisions can be further subdivided; zoology includes ornithology, herpetology, ichthyology, mammalogy, and other “ologies”.

The About Us section describes our backgrounds and something about where and why we have been traveling.  Links to more detailed information about us and more detailed descriptions of where we have been are found in this section.

Although we have not actively advertised our Services at the moment the tab is a placeholder for activities we might do in the future.  Such activities might include help in travel planning for either individuals or for groups.   We can also help lead tours.  Finally, we are available for “outreach” activities, including talks on some of the subjects we feel more confident about.

Natural history photography has been one of our interests and in the “near” future (always just a few months from now) we will be advertising some of our images. These images will be include supplementary text and will be intended (in part) for educators and educational use.  This material will be available under our Photography tab.  In this section you will find right now a short course on field photography, intended for biologists, but also of value to any anyone interested in nature who takes photos.

Our webpage also provides extensively illustrated Trip Reports to some of the locations we have visited.  This is a work in progress – perhaps a never-ending task, given the many places we have visited over the past three decades.

We have given many Talks over the years, mostly to our Central Oklahoma Cactus and Succulent Society.   We are now putting these talks online; they can be freely used by other cactus and succulent societies (or other organizations) in the US and abroad.

Finally, our blog post page, providing short comments on subjects related to our activities, and mentioning updates to the webpage can be found in Updates.