Northern Florida

Northern Florida is the least visited of the three subdivisions of florida that we are considering here, probably because it lacks well-publicized attractions (e.g. Disney World) or warm winter weather.  there are also few large urban areas and no major international airports.  There are also no major natural attractions – no national parks (e.g. Everglades).

Despite these seeming drawbacks, there is much to offer the traveling naturalist.  In fact, the lack of large urban areas is the main attraction.  Two of Florida’s three national forests are in northern Florida, one (the Apalachicola) is the largest.

Highlights of northern Florida for the naturalists are an aggregation of small iteresting featrues rather than major attraction.  the ease of getting around without heavy traffic or tourism unrelated to nature is also a plus.  Below are some of the natural aspects of northern florida that we consider “special”.

Apalachicola National Forest

Carnivorous plant savannas

forest roads

St Marks NWR

Big Dismal Trails

Torreya State Park and Ravines

Florida Caverns State Park


Osceola National Forest





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