Recent activities since NOAA retirement

Since retirement from NOAA on July 31 2013 I have participated in the following activities:

Colombian Botanical Congress in Ibague (Aug 2013):  One talk and a day-long workshop on climate for biologists.

Consulting for WMO at the SMN in Mexico City (Aug-Sept 2013):  Four weeks advising staff of the Mexican National Weather Service on nowcasting and other short-range forecasting activities.

Lectures in Pretoria and Cape Town. (Nov 2013):  Talks on satellite climatologies and implications for biogeography and oceanic climate (two talks in Pretoria and one in Cape Town).

Mexican Geophysical Union annual meeting in Puerto Vallarta (Nov 2014):  Two invited talks, one on The satellite cloud climatology of Mexico and on the North American Monsoon Experiment – 10 years after.

International Biogeography (Biennial) Conference (Jan 2015) in Bayreuth, Germany:  Two posters.

WMO Headquarters, Geneva (Jan 2015):  Talk on adaptive sounding networks for developing countries.

Pretoria, South Africa (Jan 2015):  Talk at meteorological service and two-day field workshop on field experiment design with Univ of Pretoria class and instructor.

Mexico City, July-August 2015:  Three-week full time training for National Water Commission staff of newly established Hurricane and Severe Weather Prediction Center for Mexico.

Melbourne, Australia (Nov 2016):  Talks on Mean satellite-based  cloudiness over the southern oceans (Monash University) and Global Population and global change issues (University of Melbourne)

Tucson, Arizona (Jan 2017):  Workshop on New Satellite data sets and other products for biogeographical use at the International Biogeography Society Biennial Meeting.  Also short talk on MODIS cloud climatology products and possibilities for improvement.

November 2017:  Taught two day course in Field Photography for Biologists at the 10th Congress of Latin American Biology Students in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

December 2017:  Taught one-week mesoscale and satellite meteorology course relevant to the Peruvian Weather Service in Lima, Peru.  Travel funded by WMO.