After so many years of travels and so many thousands of pictures we decided to start creating these trip reports.  The aim is to provide written and visual information to aid independent travelers that may be looking for additional information to help them plan their nature-oriented travels.  Our trip reports and related documents are a time-consuming task, but it is rewarding to see the final product.  In some ways it is like reliving our trips, which is useful for us when memories of trips start blending together over time.

Some of these trip logs have been drafted by Mike and others by Rosario, however all have benefited from the careful review by both.  Most of the pictures have  been taken by Mike, but some were taken by Rosario.

Our trip reports are often not short – unlike many blogs.   There are many reasons for this.   We want to provide a web-based source of natural history information for individuals who are considering nature tours or independent travel.  For this reason there are many more than the minimum number of photos in our reports.  We also aim for a readership that is interested and knowledgeable in different aspects of natural history.

We occasionally mention commercial firms – like tour companies, hotels, or shops, that  we have used or experienced in some manner during our travels.   We have not been paid by, or asked by, these companies to write comments about them.  In fact, we don’t notify these firms about our blog – except when we feel they would like to see some of the natural history aspects of our travels.  Such is the case of farm cottages where we have stayed, where we know the owners would like to learn more about the plants on their properties.