Australia 2016


This page, just being started now upon our return from a 70-day trip to Australia, describes aspects of nature travel to Australia based on a 35 day trip in 2010 and a 70 day trip in 2016.  We will attempt to provide information useful to potential travelers to the continent who have a strong focus on natural history aspects, as we did.  Our main audience is Americans, who may not be familiar with many aspects of Australian logistics – as compared with travelers from Europe or especially countries in the British Commonwealth, for whom many of the aspects of travel may be similar.

For some talks with a bird-focus, given recently at a local Audubon Society meeting go here.

The individual pages can be accessed at the links below or through the drop-down menu.

Should you travel to Australia?

Geography of Australia

Australia’s main natural attractions – our view

Australian national parks

The commercial side of nature exploration in Australia

When to travel to Australia?

Getting around and Accommodations


Topics we plan to cover include:

Logistics of travel in Australia:  Overview.

Hotels, Motels, Caravan Parks, and camping in parks

rental vehicles:  cars, vans, 4×4’s

flying or driving?   Driving on the left, speed limits and road conditions. Driving conditions revisited.  “Rules of the road”

Eating out or eating in?

Summarizing the travel options:  Time in the field calculations

Australian National Parks:  Not what you are used to in the USA.

Commercial influences in Australian Parks and educational aspects.

Finding information; guidebooks, tourist information centers etc

Climate and weather factors in your trip planning.  Planning your period of travel.

Overview of what Australia has to offer compared with other destinations.