UPDATE: This section will be modified based on travel to Australia that has recently (Dec 2022) been completed.


This page describes aspects of nature travel to Australia, based on a 35 day trip in 2010 and a 70 day trip in 2016.  We will attempt to provide information useful to potential travelers to the continent who have a strong focus on natural history aspects, as we did.  Our main audience is Americans, who may not be familiar with many aspects of Australian logistics – as compared with travelers from Europe or especially countries in the British Commonwealth, for whom many travel aspects may be similar.

For three talks with a bird-focus, given at a local Audubon Society meeting go here.

Individual pages related to aspects of traveling around Australia (from an American point of view) can be accessed at the links below.

Should you travel to Australia?

Geography of Australia

Australia’s main natural attractions – our view

Australian national parks

The commercial side of nature exploration in Australia

When to travel to Australia?

Getting around and Accommodations

Natural History aspects of the three regions where we have traveled most are in the following sections:  (INCOMPLETE – PLEASE SEE THIS LINK FOR THE THREE TALKS RELATED TO MOSTLY BIRDS…)

The Southwest

The Top End

The East Coast