November 1 2019 Update

For the few people who are following updates to this blog, we are working on multiple pages related to recent travels.  These include visits to the Canary Islands (June 2018) and southern Africa in (Feb-Mar 2018), travel to Baja California (April 2019) and Peru and Ecuador (July-August 2019).   And this doesn’t include USA travels with our teardrop trailer to multiple destinations.  So please standby – and if you see sections of the webpage that look incomplete – they probably are!

There are a few technical sections related to the climate of Ecuador that were prepared prior to the International Biogeography Conference in Quito in August 2019 – they are probably relatively finished.  We are currently working on summaries of our Ecuadorean and Peruvian travels in a format that doesn’t read like a “personal family vacation”.