About Me

I am a “retired” research meteorologist who has worked at various locations, most extensively (22 years) at the National Severe Storms Laboratory in Norman, Oklahoma. Much of my research involved topics in tropical and mesoscale meteorology in Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina. Most of my fieldwork was carried out in developing countries, though earlier work was in the Arctic and over high-latitude oceans during the winter. My vita describes some of my activities and educational background. A short summary of what I think my main strengths are can be found here. Some of my motivations for expanding into topics seemingly unrelated to meteorology (e.g. biology) are included here.

I took an early retirement opportunity from the US Federal Government to continue working in the international arena and also on topics I would not have been able to work on within NOAA. As well as providing some educational material, this website describes how I can help others in the biological sciences.  I am willing to present a short course on meteorology for biologists to university departments or other groups where there might be sufficient interest.