Climate of Ecuador

This page is being prepared for participants of the International Biogeography Society’s meeting in Quito from August 5-9, 2019.


While many descriptions of Ecuador’s climate exist, this page presents a few climatological aspects that are novel.   In particular, we say something about the diurnal cycle of cloudiness and the mean cloud climatology of Ecuador that is not clearly presented elsewhere.  Comparison’s with WORLDCLIM precipitation climatologies are also shown.  We hope this information proves interesting to 1) Ecuadorean scientists and students, 2) IBS conference participants, and 3) Any members of the Ecuadorean community that have an interest in knowing more about their cloud climatology – with particular relevance to topics like solar energy availability.


Basic climatology – histograms

SST annual cycle

mean winds aloft

Worldclim precip and seasonality maps

Satellite cloud climatologies

diurnal cycle of cloudiness

annual cycle of cloudiness