regions of special interest

Regions of special interest

North America

This section includes: sky islands in the SW US and NW Mexico, California coastal cloudiness, Appalachian Mts, sea breeze effects Florida and Yucatan, Mexican dry valleys and Central American meso-climatological aspects.

South America

This section includes: coastal Chilean and Peruvian lomas, East Andean slopes from Venezuela to Argentina, Inter-Andean dry valleys, the Caribbean dry coastal strip, Merida dry valley, Quito, Medellin and Colombian valleys, Peru, Bolivia (La Paz and Cochabamba), Santa Cruz elbow flow, Tucuman, Tafi transect etc.

Mata Atlantica

The Tepuis region

Prominent diurnal circulations

Ecuador satellite cloud climatology for the IBS 2019 Quito meeting



Red Sea and Somalia escarpments

East African rift and the volcanoes

West African (Cameroon/Nigeria) details

South Africa and the fynbos

Okavango Delta

Madagascar east coast

Middle East

Black Sea and Caspian Sea slope forests

Syrian/Turkey Mediterranean forests

Oman and Yemen





The Western Ghats, Himalayan foothills, Indonesia mountains, the Philippines and SE China.


The moist tropical coastal strip in the NE

SW Australia


Oceanic islands

Hawaiian Islands

Canary Islands

Cape Verde Islands

The Antilles and Caribbean Sea region

Guadalupe and Cedros Islands

US Channel Islands

Reunion and Mauritius


The Galapagos

Cameroon Islands