Peru (under construction)

We have traveled to Peru many times as part of research or training work, starting just prior to the major El Niño event in late 1997.  Various meteorological measurements were made over a period of years, mostly at the University of Piura in northern Peru, though shorter meteorological measurement campaigns were carried out elsewhere in Peru.  We also gave a handful of short courses to the meteorological service of Peru that involved several week stays in Lima and shorter series of talks in Piura and Arequipa.  Thus, we had many opportunities to travel about the country in rental vehicles (or work vehicles when establishing meteorological stations).

Unfortunately, much of our Peruvian travels took place before digital cameras were of quality comparable or better than slide cameras, and travel in the early 2000’s lacked high quality imagery comparable to today.  We stopped taking Kodachrome slides around 1999, but the digital cameras we transitioned to were only about 3 mega pixel.  Only when we obtained 8 megapixel cameras around 2004 did imagery become reasonably acceptable.  Our last Peruvian trip that was work-related took place in 2006.  We returned for personal travel and consulting work in 2017 and 2019.

Despite our extensive travels in Peru, we have never visited Machu Picchu – the number one destination for foreign tourists.  It is a destination somewhat out-of-the-way, and of little interest to succulent enthusiasts.  Also, we have not been particularly interested in archaeological features – on any continent.  Naturally, we wouldn’t turn down a free trip there!

In summary, we are working backwards; describing areas that we have visited most recently, and if time permits, we will describe other regions of Peru.  Links to the separate pages are below for convenience.

Rio Marañon (2019)

Parque de las Leyendas (Lima Botanical Garden etc, 2019)

Reserva Nacional de Ancon (North of Lima Peru – day trip 2017)