Meteorology for biologists

About this Page

This website contains material intended for biologists, especially biogeographers, ecologists, and geographers of various sorts. This material is a blending of my nearly life-long interest in aspects of biology and my professional background in atmospheric science. A number of presentations are included in this section, mostly related to aspects of satellite-based climatologies or various environmental issues.  My background and motivations can be found here.

The main components of this section are the following:

Global satellite cloud climatologies and cloud-impacted environments

Short course (climate and weather) for Biologists

Additional resources and odds-and-ends related to biogeography and education can be found at the links below and in the presentations link.

Quito 2019 talk on New Satellite observation for developing cloud climatologies at both high spatial and high temporal resolution for biogeographical applications

2017 Tucson Climate/Weather Workshop for IBS